Talegaon: An Attractive Destination For Farmhouse Near Pune

Talegaon for Farmhouse Investment

For the past couple of years, interest in farmhouses has been on the rise—largely due to its connection with organic lifestyles. With more people going back to their roots and opting for organic food or farming on their own, rural locations have become a wonderful new prospect as a home.

Farmhouses are often located in the mountains or by the coast so that there are always fantastic views around you, landscape and wildlife, and more opportunity to be close to nature. In a nutshell, they’re a calm and serene yet fun place to live in.

So, if you’re looking for a farmhouse near Pune, then this blog will make your search a lot easier. Get a rundown of picturesque locations within an hour or two drive from the city that promise to make a bustling metropolis such as Pune feel worlds away!

At the same time, we will also talk about why you should consider Eden Landmarks Escape City in Talegaon for your farmhouse.

Karjat :

Karjat offers a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. It has many beautiful and ancient temples and monuments. It’s also full of lush green valleys and exquisite caves, among other fascinating features. If you’re an adventure seeker, Karjat is one of the best hidden gems with well-maintained roads that take just two hours to drive there.

Ambey Valley :

Ambey valley offers a beautiful view of the city and the surrounding countryside. So, if you’re looking for a peaceful and scenic place to relax and enjoy the outdoors, Ambey Valley is the perfect spot for you.

Attracting many visitors, the township offers a day-long picnic or a weekend getaway. The urban infrastructure, tranquil atmosphere and exclusive privileges at this exotic location are a big draw for tourists from all over the world. And mesmerizing natural surroundings will leave you speechless with amazement.

Chakan City :

Chakan City is one of the fastest growing cities in India and is located just 30 kilometers from Pune. The town has a vibrant population and is home to many industries such as automobile, IT, and manufacturing. There are many farms in the vicinity of Chakan City that offer a variety of activities.

Talegaon :

Talegaon is a peaceful and beautiful suburb of Pune that is slowly gaining popularity among city dwellers, especially for farmhouse plots in Talegaon. It is famous for its picturesque lakeside setting and lush green surroundings. The town has a lot to offer in terms of natural beauty, serenity, and peace. There are so many different locations where you can go to find nature. Some great places nearby include

  • Pawna Dam
  • MIDC
  • Bhandara Dongar
  • Lohgad
  • Sinhgad
  • Lonavala

These hill stations provide an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life while remaining close by.

Talegaon is also well connected by road, rail, and air, making it very accessible. This town has lots of gated community plots in Talegaon, close to full of schools, hospitals, and colleges. Many of the most popular banks can be found here as well as parks, clubs, good hotels, and restaurants. For entertainment, you’ll discover plenty of avenues as well as a railway station in Talegaon that makes it easier to commute to Pune or Mumbai.

Eden Escape City in Talegaon :

If you are looking to build a farmhouse, then Eden Escape City in Talegaon is the place that must be top of your list. It is a place where your loved ones can find a serene place to unwind and get away from the banalities of everyday routine.

With an expanse of 60 acres, Eden brings you an excellent opportunity to own your residential plot in Talegaon and build a home that can truly be yours. Your humble abode can be your family weekend getaway, a place to make memories with friends or plan corporate getaway, and most importantly, a place to experience enriching community life.

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1. Is Talegaon a good place to live?

Talegaon is considered the most convenient and affordable location as it is situated near the Mumbai Pune Highway. Talegaon stands out among the other suburbs in Pune as it provides exceptional living options with modern amenities, a pollution-free environment, and increasing employment prospects. For real estate investors seeking profitable opportunities, the fertile land in the MIDC area presents an advantageous option due to its rapid growth, which can accommodate a larger population.

2. Is Talegaon good for plot investment?

Investing in plots has historically yielded greater returns in prime locations. Talegaon, being a rapidly developing industrial area, offers strategic convenience for residents of both Mumbai and Pune. Investing in plots in Talegaon could potentially yield high returns on investment, making it a wise investment decision. Additionally, the location boasts of pleasant weather, beautiful surroundings, and a favorable living environment.

3. Where i can buy NA Plots in Talegaon?

Talegaon is a lively area that offers picturesque scenery and convenient transportation options to major cities such as Pune and Mumbai. Due to the increasing number of real estate developers in the area, there is a growing availability of non-agricultural plots (NA plots), and the Escape City project developed by Eden Landmark developer is among the top choices for prospective buyers. Moderately priced developed in plush green locality, experience the perfect proportion of luxury and modern day living at Escape City. Solar streetlights, provision for water and electricity connection, roadside tree plantations, and internal ready-to-use concrete roads are some of the major highlights of the project.

4. What is the Estimate Price of Plots in Talegaon Pune?

Talegaon has become a popular destination for property investors due to its significant development in recent times. This prominent location offers unparalleled connectivity for individuals working from Pune and Mumbai. If you want to get rid of city chaos, you can choose to construct luxurious homes in Talegaon to experience the natural surroundings and surreal beauty of nature. As a result, there has been a surge in demand for plots. Escape City offers reasonably priced plots starting from 27.50 lakhs, making it an ideal location to invest in and indulge in a top-notch experience.  

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