Terms & Conditions

  1. The proposed buyer is aware of the complete details of the project and made this advance payment against option to buy, at his / her own discretion and decision.
  2. If the proposed buyer is willing to cancel the booking within 30 days then cancellation charges of Rs 50,000 per unit shall apply. If the unit is cancelled after 30 days from booking date then cancellation charges of 10% of Agreement Value shall be applicable. Apart from cancellation charges, interest @ 18% shall be charged on delayed payment if any by the customer. The balance amount, if any, shall be repaid after resale of the said unit.
  3. The proposed buyer is fully aware of the total cost he/she has to pay for buying the flat, along with registration charges, service tax, stamp duty, VAT and all other applicable taxes, if any, and he undertakes to pay the balance amount on due date, without fail.
  4. The company shall have the right to effect suitable and necessary alterations in the layout plan, if and when necessary, which may involve all or any of the changes, namely change in location of unit, change in its number, dimensions, height, size, area, layout. In case of absolute deletion of flat, no claim monetary or otherwise will be raised or accepted except the amount received shall be refundable in full without interest.
  5. The developer holds the right to cancel your allotment without any interest on failure of payment as per the payment schedule.

  6. The Measurement / Specification given in the brochure shall be subject to variations of minor nature, if such changes are warranted due to statutory or commercial requirements they shall not be objected to by the applicant / buyer.
  7. The elevation, images shown in the brochure are imaginary and are subject to change at the discretion of Developer and his architect.
  8. I/we, the applicant(s) do hereby declare that the above particulars given by me / us are true and correct and nothing has been concealed there from. Any allotment against this application is subject to the terms and conditions attached form and that of the allotment Letter / Sale and Construction Agreement, the terms and conditions thereof shall ipso-facto be applicable to my/our legal heirs and successors. I / We undertake to inform the company of any change in me /our address or in my other particular / information, given above, till the booked property is registered in my / our name(s) failing which the particulars shall be deemed to be correct and the letters sent at the recorded address by the company shall deemed to have been received by me /us.
  9. Agreement has to be registered within 60 days of the booking.
  10. Timely and regular payment of installment is the essence of this allotment. It shall be incumbent on the intending applicant to comply with the terms of payment and other terms and conditions of sale, failing which the intending applicant shall have to pay interest @ 18% per annum on the delayed payment and the company reserves its right to cancel the flat without giving any notice thereof and cancellation charges as mentioned above shall apply and balance amount after deducting cancellation charges and interest as mentioned above shall be repaid after the said unit is resold to other purchaser.