Eden Advantage

We began our journey 20 years ago and we try our best to live up to every investor's expectations. This is easily achieved by maximum emphasis on our customers. Customers come first, keeping that in mind, every transaction is made through a clear and transparent system. The customer is always in the loop, aware of every process and every step in progress. It is no wonder therefore, that we have over 10,000 satisfied customers today.

The Eden Group provides nothing but the best quality in every project development. This we ensure by providing latest, cutting-edge amenities within responsibly managed time. Our current projects are in the vicinity of 2 million-10 million sq.ft. The future holds larger and more ambitious projects of 800 acres, already acquired around Pune.

The quality of every development, the track record of meeting deadlines every single time, our years of experience and the trust that we have won from our customers make us a great choice for every kind of investor to work with today.