Benefits of Investing in Bungalow Plots Near Pune

Bungalow Plots Near Pune

Pune is known for its cultural diversity, weather, and infrastructure. The rapid growth of its IT and Automotive sectors has attracted many migrants to the city.

Pune is one of Maharashtra’s most preferred destinations for citizens for education, employment opportunities, healthcare services, and more. It is preferred over Mumbai by many. The higher cost of living in and overcrowding in Mumbai have brought many migrants from Mumbai to Pune.

It is one of the most preferred destinations of the residents of Mumbai, especially the ones who have the appetite to invest in a holiday home or a second home.

Plotted development near Pune :

Post Covid the demand for plots near Pune has increased as much as the demand for apartments. To match the increasing demand for residential plots, leading developers have tapped into the market of plotted development across cities. Pune is no exception to it. Plotted development projects have started bordering the outskirts of Pune. These projects are like a city within a city.

Why Should You Invest in Bungalow Plots?


Freedom to build your home your way. Buying a bungalow plot in a plotted development project located on the outskirts of a city gives you the liberty to stay away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

2. Reap higher ROI :

Plots offer higher ROI as compared to apartments. Isn’t that a good enough reason to buy your own piece of land?

3. Future scope of Expansion :

Can you add an additional floor to your apartment? No. But if you own a bungalow plot you have the flexibility to do that. Whether it is adding an additional floor or adding an additional room to your home, you can do that if you own a bungalow plot.

If you are looking for land near Pune for investment, read further to know what’s in it for you.

Here are the top three benefits of investing in Bungalow plots near Pune :

1. Pleasant weather :

Who wouldn’t want to build a bungalow at a location that has pleasant weather? Imagine waking up in your holiday home on a cool winter morning and sipping a cup of hot coffee on your veranda. That’s precisely how you will feel after living in your bungalow on the outskirts of Pune, since the city has pleasant weather throughout the year.

2. Proximity to Mumbai :

Pune has excellent connectivity to Mumbai via road and rail, thus making it a preferred destination for investing in a holiday home for most Mumbaikars.

3. High Return on Investment :

Investing in a plot near Pune and renting it out will never disappoint you. Be rest assured to draw excellent returns on your investment on NA bungalow plots near Pune.

Are you looking for bungalow plots near Pune? Explore plotted development projects by Eden Landmarks. Here is a brief highlight of each project for you.

1. Escape city:

This is a project spread across 60 acres of area just five minutes from the Talegaon-Chakan highway. Escape City is a place where you live away from the city, not far from it. This project offers you the opportunity to own your plot starting from 1000 sq. Ft. You can build your dream villa here and enjoy plush amenities like swimming pool, gym, senior citizen’s sit-out area, children’s play area and more. You can drop by the project site to discover its beauty.

2. Vintage city :

Vintage city is a 25 acres plotting project that has a total of 300 units FSI of 1.5. It is also the largest N.A. plot in Urali Kanchan. Being close to the Poonawala Stud Farm in Loni, Vintage City is where nature finds its abode. Strategically located adjacent to the Pune-Solapur Highway, it is well connected to the important locations of the city. And if the city calls, no place is too far away. Magarpatta City, Amanora Park Town, schools, hospitals and other conveniences are in close proximity. The 1350 sq. ft. plots unearth a huge opportunity to invest and reap benefits that are unimaginably good.

3. First city :

First City by Eden Landmarks is a plotting project spread over a 110-acre property. The picturesque backdrop makes it the perfect place for your second home. The 1.55 FSI plots are positioned to give you an added advantage and all the more reason to invest. Located just 15 minutes away from Chakan Chowk, it has seen substantial rise in infrastructural development and yet the green belt has remained untouched. And the value of the plots will only grow with time. Come, experience First City and be a part of all its wonders.

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1. Where can I buy Bungalow Plots Near Pune?

You can buy bungalow plots near Pune at many places. The Eden Landmarks provide many projects like,

All these projects provide great NA plots in thriving locations near Pune.

2. Is it worth investing in bungalow plots near Pune?

Yes, it is worth investing in villa/bungalow plots in Pune. With the growing infrastructure development and upcoming metro line, investing in real estate would be a great option.

3. How much does 1,000 sq ft of land cost in Pune?

The price of land can vary between locations. In Pune the plots from 1,000 sq. Ft can go from 10 lacs to 30 lacs. It majorly differs because of the location and the neighborhood,

4. Why is the Eden Landmarks project the best option to buy NA plots in Pune?

Eden Landmarks is one of the most reputed real estate developers in Pune. They are the best because they offer NA plots in prime locations with reasonable rates. All their projects are located in near prime IT sectors, which will benefit you in getting higher ROI in the future too. The projects are designed carefully keeping customers comfort in mind.

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