Chakan – The Most Preferred Plot Investment Destination in Pune

Plot Investment in Chakan,

The demand for plotted development projects has risen post-Covid. The provision of working from home has had many young home buyers consider the option of investing in plotted development projects. Many developers are tapping into the plotted development market to match the growing demand for residential plots. Eden Landmarks is one such renowned brand that has always developed landmarks that offer fulfilling lifestyles.

What Makes Plots An Attractive Investment Option?

1. The flexibility of construction :

Investing in an NA plot gives you the freedom to design your home. Owning a villa plot means owning the opportunity of giving shape to your taste and preferences. It’s like gifting yourself the chance of realizing your life-long goal of building your home your way. You can enjoy the liberty of getting your home designed by the best of the best architects. Not just that, you can also ensure that only the best construction material goes into building your dream home. When you invest in an apartment, you invest in a finished product, but when you invest in a villa plot, you earn the right to share your input on every process that goes into building your home. Isn’t that amazing?

2. Scope of Customization :

The scope of customization in an apartment is limited to none. Only the area within the apartment can be customized. But in a villa, constructed on a villa plot, the scope of customization is extended to the area within the field of the plot. Based on your changing style and preferences, you can customize your villa in future. As a villa plot owner, you are assured of the fact that tomorrow if some part within or outside your villa needs modification, you can do it without worrying about seeking approval from the residents of the villa plot community.

3. Lucrative return on investment :

As an investor, the return on investment on a villa plot is higher than that of an apartment. Isn’t that a good enough reason to invest in plots? One of the main reasons for this is that the apartments in a city outnumber plotted development projects. The availability of plots is limited, and their supply cannot be increased like in the case of apartments; thus, in the long run, plots appreciate faster than apartments.

Also, the age of plot does not affect its future value, however, the age of an apartment impacts its future value. So even if you buy a villa plot without the intent of constructing a villa, you are set to achieve a higher return on investment. But the same does not apply to an investment in an apartment because, a resale apartment requires repair and maintenance, it may only sometimes yield a higher return on investment.

Talking about Pune, many plotted development projects are springing up on the city’s outskirts. What’s more interesting about the plotted development scenario of Pune is the development of gated villa plot projects within the city. These gated villa plots are well-equipped with state-of-the-art amenities and infrastructure. Since these projects are located within city limits, they offer the advantage of proximity to the city’s well-developed social infrastructure.

What Makes A Plotted Development Project Worthy Of Investment?

1. Location :

While most investors look for plotted development projects away from the hustle and bustle of city life, off late, the demand for villa plots within the city has risen. The freedom to build your home your way while residing within city limits makes gated villa plot projects a desirable investment option for property investors. Hadapsar, Kharadi, Talegaon, and Chakan are some of the areas in Pune that have attracted the attention of developers of plotted development projects.

2. Amenities and infrastructure :

The infrastructure of a plotted development project plays a vital role in making it investment worthy for buyers. Established developers have tapped into the plotted development sector of Pune. To match the demand for villa plots developers ensure that these projects are equipped with amenities that give a holistic living experience to its residents. Who wouldn’t want to invest in plotted development projects with facilities like streetlights, well-constructed roads, parks, security systems, fencing, and civic amenities?

Are you looking for an NA plot in Chakan?

Chakan has evolved from being an industrial hub to a residential hub. Recently, the area has witnessed a tremendous increase in the development of residential projects.

Here Are Benefits Of Investing In A Residential Project In Chakan

1. Affordability :

Compared to the villa plot prices in Hadapsar, Koregaon Park, and Kharadi the villa plot prices in Chakan are low. So, if your dream of owning a villa plot is stalled owing to the soaring prices of villa plots in prime locations of Pune, Chakan offers you the opportunity to live your dream. Although Chakan is an off-beat location, it is rapidly evolving into an affordable residential hub. It is an investor’s paradise, especially for those who wish to own an affordable villa plot at a location that offers good connectivity along with the vibe of a buzzing city life.

2. Employment opportunities :

Chakan is the automobile hub of Pune. Automobile giants like Mercedes-Benz, Mahindra and Mahindra, Volkswagen, and others have manufacturing plants in this area. The ample employment opportunities make plot investment in Chakan a wise investment option.

3. Connectivity :

Owning a property in Chakan will bring you closer to the areas of PCMC and Talegaon. Not just that Chakan has good connectivity to cities such as Mumbai, Chakan, Nashik, Solapur, and Aurangabad.

If the above-mentioned information sparks your interest in investing in a plot for sale in Chakan then check out First City by Eden Landmarks.

The project is a perfect destination for building your second home that will become your first. This property of residential NA plots in Chakan is surrounded by serenity. The project offers unmatched connectivity to other parts of Pune.

Why should you invest in First City?

  • Fifteen minutes from Chakan Circle
  • Spread over a 110-acre property
  • Added advantage with 1.55 Fsi Plots
  • Exclusive 15+ amenities

The project is poised to offer you amenities that match your modern lifestyle. Be it your fitness regimes or a recreational getaway, this project consists of world-class avenues, suitable for all your lifestyle needs.

So, what are you waiting for? Explore First City and grab your opportunity of living in one of the largest NA plots communities in Chakan. Live at a prime location and discover indulgences wrapped around conveniences. To know more about the project, call on +91 020 67452001.

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1. Is Chakan the best location to live?

Chakan is a great location to live as it is the main industrial area of Pune. Owning a property in Chakan will bring you closer to the areas of PCMC and Talegaon.

2. Is Chakan good for plot investment?

Yes, Chakan is good for plot investment. The area is affordable and has a lot of employment opportunities. With great infrastructure, investing in plotted projects in this location would be a great idea.

3. Where can I buy NA Plots in Chakan Pune?

You can buy NA plots at First City by Eden Landmarks in Chakan. Thes plots are just 10 mins from Chakan Circle and offer 15+ amenities.

4. What is the Estimate Price of Plots in Chakan Pune?

Chakan is a great location to invest in Pune. The prices there can be estimated from 10 to 12 lacs*.

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