Top 5 Locations for Plot Investment in Pune

Plot Investment in Pune

Investing in a plot is never a bad idea. Who wouldn’t invest in an opportunity to build one’s dream home one’s own way? Post pandemic there has been a surge in plotted development projects in and around Pune. Are you looking to invest in a property where you can build your dream home? Read further to know more about where and how to do it.

Let’s look at the top 5 locations for plot investment in Pune.

Bavdhan :

Bavdhan is surrounded by hills on three sides and the Pashan lake in the North. Surrounded by lush greenery, this locality is an attractive destination to escape the urban chaos. If you want to live close to the conveniences that a city has to offer and at the same time want to live at a place that offers solace, then Bavdhan is the place to invest in plots in Pune.

Mulshi :

Mulshi is a preferred location for those who are looking to live in the lap of nature. It is known for Mulshi Dam, Mulshi Lake, and Tamhini Ghat, which are favorite getaway destinations during the monsoon season. Mulshi’s pleasant weather throughout the year makes it a preferred location for plot investment.

Kamshet :

Kamshet is in Pune district, and it is known for its hill station like climate and scenic views. Its proximity to Mumbai and Pune makes it a desirable location for plot investment

Hinjewadi :

Hinjewadi is a major IT hub of Pune. If you want to build your home within city limits, then Hinjewadi offers you the opportunity to do that. The region is flourishing as an attractive destination for plotted development projects.

Talegaon :

Talegaon is a hot location if you are looking for land in Pune for investment. Its proximity to the city makes it one of the best places to buy a plot in Pune.

Now that you have an idea of which are the top five locations for investing in plots in Pune, aren’t you curious about how to do that?

Are you looking for a trusted developer in the plotted development space in Pune? We have got you covered.

Eden Landmarks is a leading real estate company that has a legacy of developing sought after residential projects in the regions of Pune and Mumbai. The company has carved its niche by developing exquisite gated communities of villa plots.

Here is an overview of the plotted development projects Eden Landmarks has successfully undertaken.

Aditya Nissarg, Amara Villa, Eden Garden, Good Land County, Terrenzio, and Olive Hills.

If you want to be a part of the Eden Landmarks family, you can explore the ongoing projects by the company.

1. Escape city :

This is a project spread across 60 acres of area just five minutes from the Talegaon-Chakan highway. Escape City is a place where you live away from the city, not far from it. This project offers you the opportunity to own your plot starting from 1000 sq. Ft. You can build your dream villa here and enjoy plush amenities like swimming pool, gym, senior citizen’s sit out area, children’s play area and more. You can drop by the project site to discover its beauty.

2. Vintage city :

Vintage city is a 25 acres plotting project that has a total of 300 units FSI of 1.5. It is also the largest N.A. plot in Urali Kanchan. Being close to the Poonawala Stud Farm in Loni, Vintage City is where nature finds its abode. Strategically located adjacent to the Pune-Solapur Highway, it is well connected to the important locations of the city. And if the city calls, no place is too far away. Magarpatta City, Amanora Park Town, schools, hospitals and other conveniences are in close proximity. The 1350 sq. ft. plots unearth a huge opportunity to invest and reap benefits that are unimaginably good.

3. First city :

First City by Eden Landmarks is a plotting project spread over a 110-acre property. The picturesque backdrop makes it the perfect place for your second home. The 1.55 FSI plots are positioned to give you an added advantage and all the more reason to invest. Located just 15 minutes away from Chakan Chowk, it has seen substantial rise in infrastructural development and yet the green belt has remained untouched. And the value of the plots will only grow with time. Come, experience First City and be a part of all its wonders.What are you waiting for? Visit plotted development projects by Eden Landmarks and discover exotic destinations to build your dream home your way. Schedule your site visit now. Call now +91 7969127201.

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1. Which is best area to buy NA plot in Pune?

When purchasing a property, the location plays a significant role, as areas that are more likely to appreciate will have greater worth. It is important to evaluate factors such as accessibility, aesthetics, and amenities when comparing different options. Eden Landmarks provides excellent investment opportunities for those who are seeking to invest in Pune, with options available in various locations such as Talegaon MIDC, Hadapsar vicinity, and Chakan. Glance through these heavenly properties and experience the regal lifestyle.

2. Is it worth investing in plotted development in Pune?

Pune is a highly recommended location for purchasing plots of land due to factors such as anticipated appreciation in raw land value as well as the availability of bank loans with low-interest rates. Pune’s real estate market offers opportunities for buyers to acquire lucrative plots of land that can generate a higher return on investment.

3. Which are the best plot projects to invest in Pune?

According to a property survey, Pune is considered the most livable city in India, making it an ideal destination for lifestyle settlements or job opportunities. Among various types of real estate investments, plots of land are particularly attractive. It is crucial to select the appropriate locality and project to invest in. For nature enthusiasts, some excellent options include Escape City located in Talegaon MIDC and the First City project situated in Chakan.

4. What are the factors to consider before buying a plot?

Here are a few must-check things before making an investment in a plotted development.
To purchase a plot of land for building your dream home, it is important to establish the identity of the seller and verify all relevant documentation, including conversion and land use approvals. Additionally, conducting a physical verification of the property is also necessary. Proper consideration of the locality is crucial when choosing the ideal plot of land.

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