Benefits of investing in Land Assets in Pune


Pune is one of the most developed cities in Maharasthra. The city is known for its pleasant weather, well-connected roads, and its proximity to Mumbai. It is the home for many leading automobile manufacturing and IT companies. Over the past six years the city has witnessed an increase in plotted residential development.

The Growing Popularity of Plotted Residential Development in Pune:

Post pandemic, the home buying sentiment has favored the growth of the real-estate sector of Pune. Plotted residential development is a project where areas of land are for sale for the construction of homes/villas. The emergence of work-from-home culture and the desire to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city are some of the key reasons for the increase in demand for weekend homes in Pune.

Are you willing to buy a piece of land in Pune?

Here are the top 5 benefits of investing in a property in Pune.

1. Habitable City :

Pune is one of the most habitable cities of India. Favorable weather, great education infrastructure, and excellent employment opportunities make it a desirable city to reside in.

2. Well-developed infrastructure :

Pune has witnessed tremendous infrastructural development in the last decade. The Pune Metro Project is the most recent addition to the city’s infrastructural development. The infrastructural development of Pune is slowly picking pace in regions of Talegaon, Chakan, Mahalunge, Kirkatadi, Lohegaon, Shivane, Dhayari, and Shiwalewadi. These regions are turning into residential hubs due to their proximity to major employment hubs of the city.

3. India’s new tech hub :

The city is home to many IT companies and manufacturing plants. The industrial belt of Pune, which is based out of the areas of Bhosari, Talegaon, and Chakan have attracted investments by many real estate developers owning to the demand for residences in these areas.

4. Proximity to Mumbai :

Pune is the second home for many Mumbaikars. Its excellent proximity and connectivity to Mumbai makes it a hot destination for real estate developers to invest in.

5. High Return on Property Investment :

Investing in a property in Pune and renting it out is lucrative owing to the massive demand for rented apartments in the city. The demand for rented homes in Pune is driven by the well-established and ever-growing employment hubs of Pune. The benefits of property investment in Pune are not limited to drawing rental income, the potential of reaping benefits by reselling the property cannot be ignored.

Are You Willing To Build Your Dream Home In Pune?

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1. Is it good to invest in land in Pune?

Due to the rapid development of the infrastructure of Pune city, such as major highways, and the provision of ample water and electricity supply, Pune’s real estate market is experiencing significant growth, with an increased demand for properties. Raw land investment in this developed city can be a smart move, as it is considered India’s best city for offering stability and liquidity, making it more conducive to long-term investments.

2. Which is better investment land or apartment?

Investing in real estate is widely regarded as a top choice, although there may be some uncertainty regarding whether to purchase a piece of land or an apartment. Investing in undeveloped raw land typically yields substantial returns and has a high likelihood of appreciating in value over time.

3. Where can I buy Plot land in Pune?

To make a profitable investment in Pune’s property market, the Eden Landmarks project is a lucrative opportunity that caters to sophisticated investors with its vacation-themed villas, individual plot land with exclusive benefits to cheer up your lifestyle. This cheerful and bustling community is nestled in the gracious arms of nature, where you can wake up to the melodious sound of chirping birds with the misty fog and refreshing dew. Solar streetlights, roadside tree plantations, provision for water and electricity connection, and internal ready-to-use concrete roads are some of the major highlights of the project.

4. Is there a gated community plot for sale in Pune?

Talegaon’s gated community plots have gained significant popularity due to their strategic location and proximity to nature. Many individuals who work in Pune and Mumbai find Talegaon an attractive settlement option, as it offers a peaceful and serene lifestyle. The “Escape City” project, developed by Eden Landmark Developers in Talegaon, is considered an iconic landmark crafted beautifully to offer a major community life. The project offers individual plot fencing, solar streetlights, internal concrete roads, and provisions for water and electricity connections.

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