Why Pune’s Real Estate Market Is Booming?

Pune's Real Estate Market

Pune ranked second on the ease of living index 2020. Factors like quality of life, climate, employment opportunities, educational opportunities, and public services are accessed while deriving the livability index of a city. People weigh these factors when they think of migrating to a particular city. Pune undoubtedly stands out in meeting all the requirements of being one of the most livable places in the country. That briefly explains why the real estate sector of Pune is booming.

To match the demand for housing and commercial spaces the landscape of the real estate sector has evolved immensely over the past decade. The city houses projects range from budget-friendly residential and commercial spaces to ultra-luxurious ones. In fact, most of the old-walled waada housing setups are also being re-developed into high-rise buildings.

Here are the top five reasons why Pune’s real estate market is booming :

1. A Gold mine for real estate developers :

Pune has always been conducive to the growth of the real estate sector. Real estate developers from across the country are attracted to investing in the city due to its livability quotient and potential for a higher return on investment. The real estate market of Pune witnessed a downfall during the pandemic, but the market has bounced back and is reviving at a good pace.

2. Pleasant weather :

Pune has pleasant weather throughout the year which makes it a desirable destination to settle. Most Mumbaikars choose to buy their holiday and retirement homes in Pune. The city’s proximity to hill stations like Lonavla and Mahableshwar makes it an attractive city to live in. Who wouldn’t want to live in a city with good weather? That’s the reason why it’s a favored destination for real estate developers as well. Many plotted development projects have sprung up on the outskirts and also within the city. Eden Landmarks is one of the developers who has carved their niche in the plotted development sector of the city.

3. Educational opportunities :

Pune is referred to as the Oxford of the East. That’s solely because of the quality and number of educational institutes present in the city. How does that convert into the growth of the real estate sector? In Maharashtra, Pune is one of the most favored destinations for pursuing further education.

Most families shift to cities that offer better quality education and brighter future growth prospects to their kids. If not an entire family, the number of students migrating to a city creates demand for better living spaces like hostels and rented apartments. That explains why the education sector of Pune favors the growth of the city’s real estate sector.

4. Flourished IT sector :

Pune is home to the most renowned IT companies in the world. The city has three major IT parks namely in Magarpatta, Hinjewadi, and Talawade. It’s clear that the demand for homes naturally tends to outpace supply when a place offers better employment opportunities. The growth of the IT sector of Pune has driven the investments made in developing residential complexes, business centers, and shopping malls in and around IT parks.

5. Well established automobile industry :

Pune is the Detroit of India since many automobile companies from around the world have set up their manufacturing plants around the city. Way before the growth of the IT sector of Pune, the Automobile sector of the city served as an important means of employment to many, and it continues to. Since most of the automobile companies are geographically distributed around these areas. That’s the reason why many housing complexes have sprung up in the areas of Chakan, Akurdi, Bhosari, and Talegaon.

Isn’t it evident why the real estate market of Pune is booming?

Are you willing to settle in Pune? Or are you already a resident of Pune who is willing to invest in a second home? Well, Eden Landmarks suits you anyway. With a successful background that goes back 20 years, Eden Landmarks is poised to set its sights even higher. Beginning with achieving new milestones in a diverse set of projects through Pune, Mumbai region, they have already established themselves as the most trusted real estate developers in Pune.

Aditya Nisarg, Amara Villa, Eden Garden, Good Land Colony, Terrenzio, and Olive hills are the names of the sought after plotted development projects undertaken by Eden Landmarks. If you want to build your home away from the city but not far from it, you must visit the ongoing projects by Eden Landmarks.

Where can you find these projects?

  • Escape City is located near Talegaon-Chakan highway Link
  • Vintage City located near Urali Kanchan Link
  • First City located in Chakan Link

Hurry up and schedule your site visit now. +91 7969127201. Seize the opportunity to build your dream home your way, with Eden Landmarks.

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1. How is current Pune’s real estate market?

Pune has become increasingly appealing as a real estate market in recent times, and its prospects are expected to continue to rise owing to factors such as robust economic growth, a lively cosmopolitan atmosphere, and pleasant weather throughout the year. The city is witnessing an uptrend in high-quality lifestyle options with exquisitely crafted apartments that cater to the growing demand for residential settlements.

2. Should we buy property during inflation?

Historical data shows that real estate has demonstrated its resilience as an investment even during inflation. Inflation can actually work favorably for real estate investors, as it leads to an increase in rental values and appreciation of existing real estate assets. If a property is expected to appreciate in value, then its buyer’s portfolio may not be significantly impacted during times of inflation.

3. Are property prices rising in Pune?

Property prices in Pune have shown a slight increase, primarily due to the rise in raw material expenses and a surge in fuel prices. In addition to the mounting input costs, there has been a significant demand for properties following the pandemic, which has contributed to the upward trend in prices.

4. What are the estimated land property rates in Pune?

Pune’s real estate market has maintained a consistent demand for properties, with a significant rise in demand over the past decade. Both buyers and investors have shown a keen interest in the market. Eden Landmarks, a premium developer, offers luxurious residential lands starting at just 11.5 Lakhs that are well-suited to your budget. These projects are situated in Talegaon, Chakan, and in close proximity to Hadapsar. You can opt for a location that is conveniently located near your workplace.

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