Top Reasons NRIs Should Choose Pune for Land Investment in 2024

Escape City, Vintage City, First City. plotting projects in Pune

Non-Residential Indians (NRIs) have a good scope of increasing their returns on investment by buying a property in India due to the rapid increase in the land appreciation rate, especially in places like Pune and Mumbai, which have already attracted a lot of international attention. There are multiple property developers that are capitalizing on this opportunity and offering residential projects that are more aligned with the tastes and preferences of the NRIs.

So, if you are an NRI and looking to invest in India, Eden Landmarks offer best investment options for NRI. A few of the projects by Eden Group are Escape City, Vintage City, and First City. These projects are ideal for NRI investment in Pune. Plus, there are multiple benefits also that are offered to NRIs for investing in the Indian Real Estate space.

Benefits to NRIs for Investing in Indian Real Estate:

Following are the advantages that NRIs get to enjoy while investing in the Real Estate market in India:

1. Financial institutions provide home loans to NRIs easily, efficiently and the processing is also faster in comparison to the domestic homebuyers as NRIs are prompt in repaying the loans.

2. In some cases, NRIs get tax exemptions or benefits as well depending on the type of property.

3. The RBI and Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) has become lenient in in terms of rules and regulations for NRIs who are interested in Indian real estate space.

Growing Interest of NRIs in Pune’s Real Estate Market:

NRI interest in Pune’s Real Estate has observed magnificent growth over the past few years. The appeal for investment in Pune has seen an upward curve since the introduction of RERA and the lucrative market Pune has to offer. The city has emerged as one of the popular destinations for business and leisurely activities, plus its connectivity to Mumbai and Goa makes it a suitable destination for investment in terms of building a retirement home or second home.

NRI investment in plotting projects in Pune has significantly increased. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that NRI investment options have seen the day of light in terms of horizontal developments in PCMC and Pune city.

Why Pune is An Ideal Spot for Land Investment?

Following are the reasons for Pune being a hotspot real estate investment by NRIs:

1. Nice Weather:

Pune offers its residents a calm, serene, and quiet climate. Ample greenery in the suburban areas just adds to the aesthetics of a home and makes it more than bearable to stay in even densely populated areas.

2. Connectivity to Mumbai:

The old Mumbai-Pune highway and Pune-Mumbai expressway connects the previously known Capital city of Marathas to the now Maharashtra’s capital seamlessly.

3. Good Social Infrastructure:

Pune is known to have an excellent social infrastructure in terms of urban development, premier healthcare facilities, apex educational institutes, and robust public transportations systems.

4. Scenic Ambience in Remote Locations:

The suburban areas in Pune are known to have pleasant atmosphere and that is why these locations are always preferred by NRIs for building retirement homes or second homes that generate adequate rental income till they decide to settle down in the home country.

5. Great ROIs on Weekend/Vacation Homes:

In terms of tourism also, Pune has emerged as one of the best areas to invest in as the city is close to Goa and Mumbai. NRIs can reap great benefits and ROIs on their second homes in Pune.

Pune – A Rising Residential Hub for Investment by NRIs

With the availability of IT hubs and many business verticals, Pune has emerged as one of the top choices for industrialists and job seekers alike for a lifestyle they want. That is why people are more focused towards investing in plotted developments as opposed to vertical living.

The property rates in Mumbai are climbing at an alarming rate, which sometimes may go over-budget for a prospective homebuyer from overseas.

Pune, on the other hand, has observed slow and steady growth in terms of property or land appreciation rates, which is still better than an over-priced abode in over-crowded Mumbai. So, the inclination towards properties, especially plots, in Pune has been higher.

It is going to skyrocket in the years to come as Pune develops more in terms of employment opportunities and infrastructural developments. Hence, NRIs are only going to benefit at the end of their investment in Pune, more specifically in NA plots.

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1. Why Pune is best for NRI investment?

NRI’s should invest in Pune because they have a good scope of returns on their investments. With rapid growth in land appreciation rates and infrastructure developments, it is a good time for NRI’s to invest in Pune.

2. Which location are best for NRI for land investment near Pune?

Pune is one of the great locations to invest in land. Chakan, Talegaon, and Hadapsar are great for NRI investment as they are the thriving locales of Pune.

3. How is Pune for living?

Pune is a great city to live in, with rich culture and history it is also a tourist attraction location. With Mumbai nearby it is one of the rapidly growing cities. It has many places around to visit and offers great comfort of living for its residents.

4. Why does NRI Consider Pune for property investment?

NRIs consider Pune for property investment because lucrative market Pune has to offer. Popular destinations for business and leisurely activities make NRI’s invest in Pune.

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